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Why Every Business Should Consider Automated Time Tracking

Time Tracking

Why Every Business Should Consider Automated Time Tracking

The days of punching a standard timeclock are gone.

Today’s automated time tracking systems are more efficient and more cost-effective than ever. They monitor an employee’s arrival and departure time by fingerprint, biometrics, swipe cards, or by computer. It can even track employees on the road with a smart phone app so they can “punch in” from anywhere in the US.

Time tracking technology allows businesses to manage employee hours, payroll, over-time, absenteeism, and schedules in far less time than manual time keeping. It also helps eliminate “buddy punching,” extended break times, and other inaccurate payroll reporting.

And automation is accurate and easy to use. Time files can be reviewed and controlled by you before submitting to your payroll specialist and can be directly imported into software systems, which saves time, money, and assures you of a perfect payroll.

Once limited to corporate and large businesses, Automated Time Tracking systems are a wise investment for businesses of any size, especially, small and mid-sized businesses. The time and cost savings that you receive from automation, as well as the savings from inaccuracies and abuses, far outweighs the initial investment and helps assure a perfect payroll so you can focus on other issues, like growing the business.

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