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How to Manage and Retain Gen Z Employees

Gen Z Worker

How to Manage and Retain Gen Z Employees

As of 2019, the first classes of Generation Z (those born roughly between 1996-2012) are starting to make their way into the workforce. Soon it will be only a matter of time before this generation begins to make up a large portion of it.

While both Millennials and Gen Z grew up in the digital age, their ideals can differ when it comes to how they envision the workplace environment. Do you know how to attract, retain, and manage Generation Z?

Here’s what you need to keep in mind handling the newest generation to the workforce.

Maintain Healthy Communication (Without Micromanaging)

Similar to Millennials, Gen Z prefers email, text, social media, and other messaging platforms as a method of daily communication. Being born into the age of digital information means they are highly visual people; phone calls are probably the least effective way to communicate with them.

Even so, they greatly value face-to-face communication, as well as social interaction. Try choosing video calls over phone calls.

While Generation Z resists micromanaging and often prefers independent working, they do seek continuous feedback and coaching. Make sure to check-in often and offer some thoughtful review.

Offer Both Flexibility and Work-Life Balance/Boundaries

Generation Z wants to continue to blur the lines between work and life. They understand that in the age of digital connectivity, work doesn’t necessary stop when it hits 5PM.

They’re attracted to jobs that have work flexibility that allows them to take off time as needed, as well as jobs that promote remote work opportunities. Make sure you respect their personal boundaries when it comes to time off, and to foster a culture of “unplugging” when necessary.

Keep on Top of New Technology

If you have content or information you want to get across to Gen Z, it’s best to use modern and visually driven content. Try dynamic infographics, engaging and visually driven presentations, or even short-form videos instead of lengthy text documents.

Generation Z is not going to want to be apart of a paper-driven workplace. Digital productivity tools, messaging platforms, and other paperless programs are the way to go. Gen Z was born into the digital age, they are going to get frustrated with outdated technology.

And above all, remember not to treat Generation Z any differently than other employees because of their age or experience. Listen to their ideas and contributions, and value what their creativity can bring to your business.

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