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How Outdated Technology Can Affect Staff Morale and Productivity

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How Outdated Technology Can Affect Staff Morale and Productivity

The best rule to follow when it comes to any business or organization is to not lag too far behind with technology. Slow, old, or broken-down equipment and procedures can heavily impact staff productivity.

This goes beyond physical technological devices such as computers or tablets. It’s important to be up to date with digital programs, software, and new means of communication or task management.

Failed Collaboration

Communication is crucial when it comes to healthy teamwork. Believe it or not, email is quickly becoming outdated. Make sure to stay up to date with new forms of digital communication, such as professional messaging tools.

Digital task management programs can not only help with collaboration, but also help employees keep better track of both their own work and their team’s work.

Wasted Time (and Energy)

A lot of time is spent searching for various paper records files in the office. By digitizing any paper documents and instead storing them as organized, searchable files on a cloud or shared network, retrieval of information takes a lot less work.

Combined with new tech and updated software, the whole process becomes a lot smoother for employees and ensures better productivity.

An example of this would be Payroll. Try shifting from a purely manual process, or even a half-manual process, to full payroll automation. Gone are the hours spent filling out pay logs, and instead that time can be used for more productive tasks.

Limited Flexibility

With the advent of 2020, the workplace has become a hybrid world. Employees crave flexibility in their work schedule, and outdated technology or missing programs can make remote work a headache.

Working away from the office can cause securities issues, so investing in sustainable and secure infrastructure can help your hybrid employees work safely.

Consider cloud-based solution. Make sure to implement remote and mobile access so that physically coming into the office isn’t always necessary.

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