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Proud of our Loyal Employees!

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Proud of our Loyal Employees!

5 Year TenureThe USA Payroll team gathered to celebrate the longevity of our employees.  When we tallied the results, we realized 19 employees received recognition of their dedication to our company!


We began by celebrating the team of our employees who have been with us for more than five years... Patti Migrala, Amy Seaborn, Donna Gunther, Stephanie Stewart and Christina McFadden have each supported our team with their efforts.


Ten Year TenureNext, “A Decade of Excellence” recognition was given to the dedicated team of Laci DeLuca, Stephanie LaRatta, Nancy Rivera, Jenn DePadua, Candy McMullen and Steph Caseiro.




It15 Year Tenure is not often that a company today can celebrate employees providing loyalty and hard work for more than fifteen years and USA Payroll was able to honor Dave Yarnall, Christi Chiarulli, Nathan Bronecke, Lisa Hohenstein and Will Ferguson with this recognition.



La20 Year Tenurestly, we are truly proud to have a trusted team that has been at USA Payroll for more than two decades. We thank them for their dedication, loyalty and perseverance to make our business what it is today... Frank Fiannaca, Maryann Geissler, Mary VanWyk-Fiannaca.


We give a huge “Thank you” to this entire team.  Thank you for contributing to our successful growth.

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