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New Jersey Paid Sick Leave Law

New Jersey Paid Sick Leave Law


Governor Murphy signed into law a bill that requires employers to provide earned sick leave to New Jersey employees, joining an increasing trend across the United States. In each benefit year, an employee will accrue up to 40 hours of sick time at a rate of one hour for every 30 hours worked. The law will apply to all employers except for certain public employers.

The paid leave can be used for:

  1. physical and mental illness or condition;
  2. aid or care for a family member for such family member’s mental or physical illness or condition;
  3. absences due to circumstances of employee or a family member being a victim of domestic or sexual violence;
  4. care of a child due to closure of child’s school;
  5. attendance at a school-related conference or other event requested or required by the child’s school.

Employers will be prohibited from retaliating or otherwise discriminating against employees for using paid sick leave. Call for more information (856) 665-5600

USA Payroll will make sure your company is in compliance with the new Paid Sick Leave Law effective October 29, 2018.

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