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How to Navigate Chronic Employee Stress

Tired Frustrated Worker

How to Navigate Chronic Employee Stress

Let’s face it, we are living through an unprecedented time. So how do managers successfully move forward with their businesses? The key is adaptability. Acknowledge the state of the world and it’s very real consequence, stressed out employees. Widespread emotional exhaustion is a dangerous damper to productivity and a smoothly running business.

Take a BreakThe first step to combat this is for employers to identify and recognize the signs. In the workplace, chronic stress can look like:

  • Low levels of efficiency and energy
  • Reduced motivation
  • Increased errors
  • Increased frustration
  •  More time spent working with less being accomplished

If a manager sees these symptoms throughout their business, there are actions they can take to curb the stress.

  • Communicate expectations for all employees
  • Encourage physical activity throughout the work day
  • Remind workers of their value to the company
  • Enforce reasonable working hours
  • Perhaps most importantly, set realistic expectations

Employers need to find what activities require high standards and which are okay to meet at a lower level that still accomplish business needs. No two companies are the same, so curate what solutions will work specifically for your company. Actions like these will not only bring the team together and elevate your workplace culture, it will help you do better business overall.

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