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Engagement: The Key to Millennial Retention

Millenial Engagement

Engagement: The Key to Millennial Retention

People still love to complain about millennials and their rejection of the status quo of the conventional workplace.  But the reality is that millennials now make up the majority of the workforce and HR needs to be prepared to keep them engaged or risk high attrition rates.


Born in the digital age, millennials are tech-savvy and value digitalization in all its forms. They bring fresh ideas and new workflows to organization, value new ways of working, and are one of the primary drivers of positive change.  And, as the following generation joins the work force, these changes are only going to accelerate.


Social MediaMillennials want much more than flexible working arrangements and casual workplace attire.  For them, the most important desire is growth and satisfaction.  In a 2014 study conducted by Bayt, 46% of respondents aged 35 and under said that they saw themselves working in their current job for the next two years or less. Millennials constantly express their need to assume more challenging duties and on-the-job growth, to be part of the greater good, and to have a societal impact in what they do.  If they don’t feel they are accomplishing these things, they have no problem moving on to the next gig.  This underscores the importance of breaking with tradition and implementing innovative HR policies that keep millennials engaged.


That means that the processes and platforms you use in your work are important but aren’t what really matters to millennials.  It is more important to foster curiosity and diversity, encourage learning, and get employees involved and engaged immediately upon hiring.  Moving towards a truly people-centric approach is key for us all, no matter the industry or role.

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