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Technology’s Place in Workplace Training

Technology’s Place in Workplace Training

Technology’s Place in Workplace Training


TBusiness iPadechnological advancement is nothing new. It is a rare constant and has seeped into practically every societal circle. The workplace is no exception, especially when considering training in the workplace. According to, corporate e-learning has increased 900 percent in the past 16 years.


Still, some companies are hesitant to change their onboarding process. But time and again technology consistently offers opportunities, many of which are quantifiable and profitable. Some of those opportunities are more subtle. When employed correctly, technology infused training can amplify engagement rate in employees. It also doesn’t take away positions, as the HR team still has a large role in tech based onboarding.


Technology heavy training provides its biggest asset to our modern world. Consider the difficulty maintaining a uniform office culture with companies spread over multiple locations. Now consider this difficultly in the quarantine era, when so many employees are working from home. Technological training makes sure that every employee, no matter what their location or situation is, is getting the same information and treatment as everyone else. In addition technologically infused training has much less of an environmental impact, which is a very attractive option in 2020 when many companies are now actively thinking about their environmental footprint.

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